Hey there! I’m your go-to person for all things women’s wellness, movement, and lifestyle! From the business woman, mother to be, or suffering from chronic pain or endometriosis, to aging individuals I got your back and will meet you where you are today!


Through my years and journey to my surgical Endometriosis diagnosis in 2022 this has become a passion of mine. I had to learn how to advocate for myself for 8 years finding different healthcare professionals to help me find answers and support. Not much support and resources are out there for Endometriosis and I hope to be a guiding light for those going through their endo journey or through endo excision(possibly to include a hysterectomy) surgery and be a resource and coach to help them back to movement and more ‘normal’ feeling as possible.

Our family has never worked a ‘normal’ 9-5pm job, so we are very well versed in adapting to crazy schedules, but getting life done at the same time. We have 2 kids, a girl and a boy that are miracle babies that you will learn more about in blog or social media posts.

"My passion in life is helping women live life to the fullest, achieving goals, dreams, and to LIVE FIERCE!"

I'm so glad you're here!

Through the craziness of our family’s schedule and what could be most people’s ‘tap out’ of not creating a life they want. I want to show you how to create the balance and still live the life you want. I love helping others and encouraging them to meet their goals and dreams.

In college, I found a passion of working with high school girls and helping to encourage them to love their bodies where they are, and not struggle to attain the body the media said they should have. Now, being a mom and seeing the same issues arise in my life; it is the same struggle. I desire to show women how to take time for themselves, advocate for themselves, and meet them where they are at to create that healthy lifestyle for them and their families through balance and fierceness.

I have been in the fitness industry since 2009 after getting my Bachelor Degree in Health and Exercise Science with a Minor in Health Promotion. I am Certified in Yoga and trained in Hot, Vinyasa, Sculpt, and Restorative. Also certified in Pilates and PYLA on the reformer and mat. I have gotten certified as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism coach to coach my mama clients through any stage of motherhood, so at some point of us working together we will be talking about all things pelvic floor, childbirth, to bowel movements, water consumption- nothing is off limits with me!

As a continual learner I have done other certifications and courses in fitness, social media, personal development, and marketing. I also have experience in Event Planning, managing and building Social Media, with the main goal of building more community. 

I love building more community and I have created Community Collaboration classes with different businesses around my community. I have collaborated with Corporate Wellness, wineries, breweries, music festivals, fitness festivals, and I’ve been a part of retreats leading movement and breath work for the attendees. What a great way to build community through movement!

I was a Student Athletic Trainer in a Division I training program, I’m an anatomy nerd and why I love movement.



IN 2019 at a Tony Robbin’s conference, i WALKED ON FIRE! 


I am a coffee connoisseur, active clothes wearing mom, collects boots and felt hats, health/fitness freak, crafter, world traveler, and a homebody.

I enjoy time outdoors, whether it is getting a workout in, horseback riding, sitting soaking up some vitamin D or going on a walk with our dog or with the fam! 

-rachael, 29

client testimonials

Shelby is the best teacher I could have asked for! She is so knowledgeable about women's health and I have learned a ton about postpartum pelvic floor health.